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At Port Macquarie Garage Doors we stock a wide range of garage doors suitable for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We service all areas throughout Port Macquarie and surrounds and carry a large inventory of parts and accessories to fit many different types of doors.
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Timbalook Door — Garage Doors in Port Macquarie, NSW

Timbalook Doors


Getting the look of natural timber without the price tag is easy with Timbalook Doors. These doors are the perfect alternative, both low maintenance and tough, they don’t require resealing or continued maintenance and come in a range of timber colours. Made from BlueScope steel, they’re available in Madison and Tuscan sectional styles and feel just as natural as real timber.

Therma Door™ Garage Doors


Is your garage stinking hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter? Did you know that the temperature within your garage dramatically impacts your home and your energy bills? Then you need Thermadoor Garage Door Insulation…Your whole house approach to insulation!

Australian owned and manufactured, Therma Door™ Garage Door Insulation creates a barrier against the weather and outside noise, increasing energy efficiency and thermal comfort. Therma Door™ insulation panels are a cost-effective solution that fits the internal panels of most types of residential and commercial garage doors, adding a layer of protection against the elements.

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Therma Door — Garage Doors in Port Macquarie, NSW
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Cleverseal Garage Door Seals


Keep out inclement weather, pests, pollen and bushfire embers with Clever Seal garage door seals. These flame-retardant sealing systems provide a tight seal, closing gaps and preventing pollutants and weather elements from impacting the interior of the garage. They can help to reduce energy costs and provide thermal comfort inside your garage.

In bushfire zoned districts Cinderseal flame seals are the perfect choice. Cinderseal provides you with a full flame retardant seal for protection of your garage doors, protecting your garage against bush fire ember attack.
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Auto Doors


At Port Macquarie Garage Doors we supply and install roller door and overheard motors for all garage door types. We use only reputable brands such as Gliderol, ACDC and ATA. Our automatic garage doors provide optimal convenience, comfort, safety and value.

We also carry a wide range of replacement remote controls and batteries including ACDC, ATA, Herculift and Steeline.

Auto Doors — Garage Doors in Port Macquarie, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions


How far away can I use my garage door remote?
For best results, you should use your remote to open or close your garage door no further than 20m away. We also recommend that you try and achieve a direct line of sight to the receiver.
This ensures the least chance that the signal could intercept interference from other garage door openers or radios.

Do high-quality garage doors increase home value?
Can I install a garage door opener myself?