Garage Door Service and Repairs - Port Macquarie

Did you know regular servicing of your garage door/automatic operator by a trained technician can greatly prolong the life of your product thereby providing you with many years of trouble free operation.

Like anything, with a little care and attention, your garage door will keep performing long into the future. We recommend that it is serviced by a service technician every 12 months, to make sure it is lubricated and correctly aligned. We have qualified service technicians on-hand to service or repair your new or existing garage door.

Whether you need repairs and replacement parts for your garage door, a motor or a remote; Port Macquarie Garage Doors can help.

The benefits of having doors serviced are:

  • Smoother and quieter operation
  • Less stress and strain on the automatic operator and door
  • Prolong the life of your door and operator
  • In some cases not servicing your door could even affect your warranty 

Our services include:

  • Adjust door tension
  • Adjust sensitivity and overloads
  • Clean tracks
  • Check and lubricate rollers,
  • springs and hinges
  • Check handset operation 

We also repair the following

  • Garage Door Problems:
  • Broken Springs
  • Door off tracks
  • Cable snapped or loose
  • Damaged garage panels
  • Opener not working
  • Door does not close
  • Remotes/Keypads
  • Bottom seal rubber and weather stripping

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