Cleverseal Garage Door Seals

Fed up with all those annoying cold draughts, smoke, driving rain, excess water, pests, dust, coastal corrosion, pollen and bushfire embers invading your garage?

Block out the elements by closing the gaps around the door and floor with a sealing system. The tight seal will keep the inside of your garage clean despite the weather outside.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, Cleverseal garage door sealing systems are already successfully installed on thousands of homes and factories throughout Australia, as well as overseas.

Energy cost savings by reducing air movement around the garage of up to 96%, Cleverseal systems also seal out all manner of irritating pests.

In bushfire zoned districts Cinderseal flame seals are the perfect choice. Cinderseal provides you with a full flame retardant seal for protection of your garage doors, protecting your garage against bush fire ember attack.

Cleverseal systems comprise of a comprehensive range of well-designed effective aluminium sections, combined with various lengths of bristle brush.

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